What IS Whispering Dog Studios, Anyway?

The Whispering Dog canine crew - Harlow, Bridger & Inigo Montoya.

The Voice of Leadership

Storytelling. It's what makes us human. Our voices - whether words spoken by others or ourselves - start  with the small voice inside. I spent 20 years in communications telling people's stories. Then I began working with dogs and their people to facilitate those "conversations". Now through WDS that work continues by giving literal voice to any project needing it - commercial, corporate, animation, audiobooks and more.

The inspiration for our studio name, Truman Brooks, an ever watchful eye in the booth.

What You Need. When You Need It.

Your project has a deadline. You need your VO done right, done well and done on time. With a solid home studio sporting broadcast quality equipment, I'm ready to deliver what you need, when you need it. Want to do a live session? No problem. Can do.  Commercials to corporate. Audiobooks to animation. I'm a versatile talent with production chops to match


Much Bigger Bark

You need VO talent? Super. I have that locked. There's more. The name of this studio is more than a bit of a play on words. I'm also a certified (and by some accounts certifiable) canine behavioral counselor. If people end up in therapy to fix communications issues in relationships, think of me as the counselor who helps smooth the communication between dogs and their humans, helping foster better and stronger relationships. Want more information on that? You can start here.

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